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My name is Andy Fine, and I am a teacher and self-taught web designer and the creator of SlimeKids, which was launched in January 2011. My background in education has included working as a reading specialist and library media specialist.

SlimeKids features an extensive collection of book trailers organized alphabetically and by grade level, as well as numerous language arts-related games in such categories as word, literacy, spelling, typing, vocabulary and grammar. Additionally, the website showcases an array of exceptional literacy-related resources such as author and book review websites as well as superb learning tools including reference works and search engines.

SlimeKids was created to provide students with a playful, easy-to-use interface through which they could learn about and access valuable online resources. Having worked at every age-level of education, I have found that students are usually not aware of many of the excellent websites made for kids that exist and that teachers are often too busy to keep track of what is available. The website is designed to self-motivate students to make their own choices and judgements about what is most useful for them as they read, search, watch and play.

SlimeKids is an acronym for School library media Kids because it combines all of those elements. The website combines many of my professional and personal interests. I learned from the simple video games I played as a kid that such games do not have to be complex to be fun and am continually learning about how games can be educational. One important aspect of SlimeKids is that it helps students to explore their interest in books and reading, which has been the main goal of my career. I hope you enjoy the site!
Sincerely, Andy Fine

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