Book Trailer Levels

Reading Levels
Because book trailers help match readers with books that appeal to their interests, they are an excellent tool to increase motivation and can have the effect of maximizing comprehension when readers connect with stories and characters that they find intriguing. However, these are not the only factors that should be taken into account when making a selection. In order to further an individual's reading skills as much as possible, it is also important to look for books that are at an optimum reading level, which are generally considered to be those that readers can get through without much frustration while still encountering some level of difficulty. That being said, choosing a book that is somewhat harder or easier than the ideal level for reading growth does not have to be avoided entirely. There are additional factors that can have an impact on comprehension such as the amount of support given throughout the reading experience.

Grade Levels
The grade level suggestions provided on this website are intended to give a general idea of the level of difficulty of each book. However, keep in mind when using these suggestions that they are based upon data showing the middle fifty percent of lexile measures for students at each grade level, and that lexile levels do not actually correspond directly to a given grade. In fact, there is often a range of several hundred lexile levels between the highest and lowest skilled readers in a typical classroom. Still, the grade level suggestions provided for each book trailer give a useful frame of reference in the absence of individualized information such as a lexile measure, particularly if a student is aware of how challenging the books they normally read in their grade level seem. Students can also begin to find the range at which they feel comfortable as they keep track of the lexile levels of books they have read.

Book Levels
Lexile levels are just one of a number of book level measurements that can help readers select books at an appropriate reading level, but there are also less formal ways for readers to determine how suitable a book might be for them. One such method utilizes what is often referred to as the goldilocks rule, whereby a reader simply counts the number of words with which they are uncertain when reading one page. It should also be noted that lexile levels measure word frequency and sentence length, but reveal nothing about other aspects that influence the ease of the reading experience including the quality of the writing and the design of the book.

Interest Levels
Lexile levels also do not convey any information about what age levels may be most interested in a book based upon the subject matter. Occasionally, the grade levels associated with the lexile level of a book do not match up very closely with the general interest or maturity level found in the content of the book. Books that have the greatest disparity between reading level and interest level are designated high-low books. High-low books are often most suitable for middle school or high school students looking for books that do not require an advanced reading ability, but still have age-appropriate content. Assembled altogether here are all of the book trailers for high-low books.

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