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Collect letters in the correct order to spell the root words without going off the edge. Instructions >>>

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Root Words - This game focuses primarily on root words, which are the main parts of words that provide structure and meaning. They are typically not words on their own, but learning to recognize them can help with deciphering the meaning of unfamiliar words. English root words are commonly derived from Greek and Latin roots......Also featured are some prefixes and suffixes, which are different from root words in that their main purpose is to modify the meanings of words and root words. Root words, prefixes and suffixes are the smallest units of meaning and cannot be reduced into further parts. A meaning clue will be shown for each of these throughout the game.

Gameplay - The objective of the game is to form root words by collecting letters in as few moves as possible. Each stage consists of a grid with letter spaces and a block that is controlled using the four arrow keys. To collect a letter, the block must land vertically on the letter space. The block must remain completely on the grid or it will lose all collected letters.

Stages - The letters that spell the root word must be collected to pass each stage. The stages alternate between those that have two, three and four-letter root words. Increasingly difficult stages of all types will be encountered throughout the game. There are thirty stages to pass in order to complete the entire game.

Moves - Two-letter stages allow 140 moves, three-letter stages allow 170 and four-letter stages allow 200. Four moves will be deducted each time the block lands on a letter in the wrong order and also when it lands on a decoy letter, of which there is one on each stage. The game ends if all the moves are used up on any stage.

Scoring - The score for each stage is determined by the number of moves remaining when it is completed. For the first three stages, the score will equal the remaining moves on each stage multiplied by three. For each subsequent set of three stages thereafter, the remaining moves are multiplied by one number higher than the previous three stages.

Bonus - There is a bonus task for each stage in which four words that contain the root word are shown alongside brief definitions of those words in random order. Match the words with their definitions using the mouse or arrow keys and space bar. Thirty bonus points are scored for each word that is matched correctly.

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