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Use the interrelated clues to make guesses quickly in this fill-in-the-blanks game. Instructions >>>

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Gameplay - The objective of the game is to accumulate as many points as possible as you solve puzzles that are made up of various words. You will have one minute to complete each puzzle. The puzzles have six words, each relating somehow in meaning to the words above and below.

Rounds 1-5 - Click on the letters to complete the words. You will earn 100 points for however many times each letter that you guess appears in the puzzle. You will receive a strike for each letter that does not appear in the puzzle. The round will end after three strikes. The circle on the left shows the remaining time and the rectangle on the left shows the bonus, which also continually decreases. If you complete the puzzle, you will receive the amount that is left on the bonus in points.

Bonus Round - In the bonus round, you will select five letters of your choice. Any of these five letters that are in the puzzle will appear. You will then have one minute to guess the words one at a time by typing them in the blue bar. Each incorrect guess will result in a strike. The bonus round will also end after three strikes. The correct word will appear after each guess. Even if you make an incorrect guess on a word, this will give you a clue for the following word. You will receive the amount in points that is left on the bonus for each word that you guess correctly.

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