Solve puzzles of famous quotations from different eras by swapping letters. Instructions >>>

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Gameplay - The objective of the game is to pass levels while accumulating as many points as you can by solving quotation puzzles. On the game board, famous quotes have been inscribed onto tiles, then scattered and reshuffled to make them illegible. Your task is to put the tiles back into their places and recover the original quote. To reconstruct a quote, you must swap the tiles until you get every original word. The tiles can be swapped only vertically, each within its own respective column. An obstacle can occur in which a column will be temporarily locked and it can be unlocked after you discover another word. If you have hints available, you can get help by just clicking on a tile and then clicking on a hint button.

Scoring - During the game, you can earn bonus points by discovering two words simultaneously and also by finding multi-colored words. If you find the quote before the time bonus expires, you will also receive extra points.

Time Periods - You can choose to solve quotes from three different time periods: old times, middle ages and modern times. Go to the main menu at any time to change time periods. Changing time periods will not begin a new game and you will keep your score.

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