Spinner's Luck

The right combination of luck and skill will win money in this puzzle solving game. Instructions >>>

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Gameplay - The objective of the game is to accumulate as many points as possible as you guess letters and solve word puzzles. There are three rounds and one bonus round. You are given four turns for each of the first three rounds. A turn ends each time that you guess an incorrect letter or make an incorrect guess to solve the puzzle. You will not be able to solve the puzzle if you run out of turns. You will have the option to solve the puzzle after you guess a letter that appears in it. To begin, click spin and then click on the board of prizes and misfortunes to see what block you get.

Scoring - If you land on a prize value block, you will receive the dollar amount multiplied by the number of times the letter that you guess appears in the puzzle. If you correctly solve the puzzle, you will score $1,000 multiplied by the number of remaining turns you have.

Blocks - There are two blocks you don't want to land on, which are lose turn and lose money. Just as it implies, the lose turn block will cause you to lose a turn. Landing on the lose money block will eliminate your round earnings and end your turn. If the block you land on has free turn on it, you will get one free turn even if you don't guess a letter that appears in the puzzle.

Bonus Round - In the bonus round, you will click on the board to get three prizes and then on the next board to get twelve letters. Any of these twelve letters that are in the puzzle will appear. You will then have 45 seconds to solve the puzzle and win the total amount of the three prizes.

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