Air Balloon Rally

Take a trip around the world as you spell words to race against your opponents. Instructions >>>

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Gameplay - The objective of the game is to spell high scoring words as you race to various countries in your hot air balloon. A set of eleven letters will be displayed. You enter words either by typing the letters or by clicking on them and then by hitting enter or clicking submit. You cannot add the letter “s” at the end of a word (you can submit the word toe, but not toes) or add a suffix like "er" (you can submit the word wide, but not wider). You can see where you are and where your opponents are with the miniature balloons, which will also show the percentage of the race each balloon has completed. Clicking on shuffle will mix up the letters to give you a different perspective.

Options - You can choose to play easy, medium or difficult as well as from three different styles of play. In Free For All, you do not take turns, so you must enter words as fast as you can. In Turn-Based, you race against your opponents in turns, so you can take your time. In Going Solo, you just need to create ten words to go to the next level.

Scoring - The words you create are worth a certain amount of points based on the point value of each letter. Longer words with higher value letters are worth more. The amount of points needed to win will increase on later legs of the game. If you do not finish first in any leg, you will need to start over. Place first in all nine legs to win the race around the world.

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