Collect a line of alphabots quickly to form long words without falling off the cliff. Instructions >>>

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Gameplay - The objective of the game is to accumulate as many points as possible by collecting alphabots to make words. Use the four arrow keys to move around. Any alphabot that you walk into will follow you and join the other alphabots at the end of the line. If you fall off the cliff, you will return to the starting spot without the alphabots that were following you. You can release the alphabots that are following you at any time by pressing the space bar. If the alphabots form a valid word, press the space bar to earn points and make the alphabots disappear.

Stages - There are five stages in each world. There is a time limit of two minutes for each stage. The stage will automatically end as soon as you use all the alphabots or when no valid words can be formed from the available alphabots.

Scoring - Your total points for each stage is calculated by adding your level score plus your clear bonus and time bonus. Words must be at least three letters long. The longer the word, the more points you will receive for it. If you use all the alphabots on a stage so that there are no leftover alphabots, you will earn a clear bonus. You will also earn a time bonus for any leftover time.

Worlds - There are three worlds from which you may choose. You do not carry points from one world to the next. Each world is scored individually. On the second world, there are sandy areas that will slow you down. On the third world, there are icy areas that will speed you up and may cause you to lose control.

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