Place letter tiles carefully to try to make multiple words with each set of tiles. Instructions >>>

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Gameplay - The objective of the game is to score as many points as possible by dragging tiles onto the board to make four-letter words. Click the lock button to lock the tiles in place and to find out how many words you have made. Valid words will be removed from the board and will appear under the recent words column. You will receive a new set of four tiles once you have locked all of them into place. Words can be made in any direction including forwards, backwards, up, down, diagonally and also by using the four corners. You can choose to play one of the timed versions or the endless version. The game ends when time runs out in the timed versions or when the board is filled and locked with no words in any of the game types.

Tiles - In addition to letter tiles, there are wild card tiles and block tiles. Wild card tiles will act as all letters and complete words in any given direction if possible. Block tiles will block words from forming and can only be removed with the eraser. Underneath the lock button, there is a block tile meter which will increase each time you do not clear two or more words with every set of four tiles. When it fills, a block tile will appear in the next set.

Tools - At the top of the screen, there is a power meter that will show whether or not you have the eraser and exchange tools available. The eraser can be used to remove any locked tile on the board by dragging it onto the tile. The exchange (new letters) can be used to exchange any tiles not on the board with random tiles, but will not work for block tiles. There are also letter changes that can be used to change an individual letter tile that is not locked by dragging and dropping it into the square with dotted lines and typing any letter.

Word Combos - The more words that you clear at one time, the more points you will earn. For instance, clearing one word is worth 100 points, clearing two words at once is worth 500 points, clearing three words at once is worth 1,500 points and so on. Furthermore, clearing multiple words at one time will prevent the block tile meter from increasing, will increase the power meter more which gives you more eraser and exchange tools and can give you more letter changes as well.

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