Whizz Wordz

Score in categories like in the yahtzee dice game but by creating words instead. Instructions >>>

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Gameplay - The objective of the game is to score as many points as possible throughout all eight rounds while scoring in each of the eight categories. Words are created by clicking letters. To remove a letter from a word, just click the letter again. Click the enter button to submit your word. Invalid words will not be accepted and words must be at least three letters long. When a valid word is submitted, it will be displayed in the list and a score will appear by the relevant category.

Rounds - Each round lasts for two minutes. To begin a new round, click the new letters button and you will be dealt sixteen random letters. At the end of each round, you will need to select a category for which you will be scored.

Scoring - Each category is worth a certain amount of points and can only be scored for one round. You will choose a category at the end of the round depending on how you did. For instance, you would probably want to choose 4 if most of the words you made were four letter words because you may not score that high in that category again.

Categories - The categories include 3 (three letter words), 4 (four letter words), 5 (five letter words), 6+ (words of six letters or more), Straight (making a three, four and five letter word in a round with additional points possible for adding longer words), Slam (using each of the sixteen letters at least once in a round), 20+ (making at least twenty words in a round) and Count (scores five points for every word in a round regardless of the number of letters). You can also earn a bonus for making an eight letter word.

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