Word Drop

Create words quickly as you progress through levels of increasing difficulty. Instructions >>>

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Gameplay - The objective of the game is to pass as many levels as you can while accumulating as many points as possible by clicking on letters to make words. Letters continuously drop into columns and when a column is filled, it will glow red. If another letter is dropped on that column before you have removed at least one letter, the game is over. Asterisk (*) is wild, which means it may be used for any letter. To submit a word, click the submit button, press enter or click the last letter in the word again. Click the clear button or press the space bar to clear a word. Press delete/backspace to cancel the last letter clicked. Click any letter in the word to reset the selection to that point in the word. Press the down arrow key to drop letters immediately.

Words - Words that are longer and have less common letters will score more points. Also, words with five or more letters will delay the speed of the next letter drop proportionately.

Levels - On the lower right is a bar that shows how close the level is to completion. There are six increasingly challenging levels, which each have requirements in terms of where to select letters and length of words.

Options - You can choose from four levels of difficulty including beginner, intermediate, advanced and supreme. Letters will drop faster in the intermediate and supreme levels. Letters will drop randomly across columns in the advanced and supreme levels.

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