Word Slamm

Strategize and plan ahead in order to pass each level by making a high-scoring word. Instructions >>>

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Gameplay - The objective of the game is to score as many points as possible by making high-scoring words. As letters drop down into your rack from the top of the screen, you must drag them to make a word. The letters need not be right next to each other. As long as they are in order, the letters can have extra spaces in between them. Click the faster button to make a letter move down into the rack quickly. Above the rack is the holding area, which is where you can place unwanted letters. You can move letters within the rack and also back and forth between the rack and holding area by dragging them to an open space as well as by switching them. One way to switch is by clicking on one letter, which will highlight it, and then clicking on another to trade places with the highlighted letter. Another way to switch is just by dragging one letter over another. This latter method of switching can be done within the rack or from the holding area to the rack but not vice versa.

Levels - One word of at least four letters is required to pass a level. You will still be allowed to continue playing the level if the submitted word is not valid. Click the take button to submit a word. Click the stop button when you are almost ready to submit a word. This will stop more new letters from arriving but will give you only about seven seconds to complete a word. The same result will occur if no space is left in the rack when a new letter reaches it, regardless of whether or not there is still space left in the holding area. In this circumstance, you will also be given about seven seconds to finish making a word. In either of these circumstances, the game will end if you cannot make a valid word in time. At the end of each level, you will be shown the star answer, which is an eight-letter word that was possible to make. The speed with which the letters drop into the rack will increase as you move up in levels.

Scoring - You can earn more points per level depending upon the letters used, the placement of those letters and the length of the word, but as more letters fall and you begin to fill the holding area, you will risk having unwanted letters on your rack or getting stuck by being forced to make longer words. The amount of points a word receives is dependent upon the value of each individual letter. These points can be increased by placing letters on double or triple letter and double or triple word spaces. Forming longer words earns bonus points. Six-letter words are worth 50 bonus points, seven-letter words are worth 100 bonus points and eight-letter words are worth 150 bonus points.

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