Word War I

Shoot down paratroopers and disarm bombs by typing words and guessing letters. Instructions >>>

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Gameplay - The objective of the game is to accumulate as many points as possible by typing words with missing letters and guessing passwords. You must type the entire words formed by the paratroopers while correctly guessing the missing letters to shoot them down. If you make a typo or incorrectly guess a missing letter, you will need to retype the word from the beginning.

Bombs - At the end of each stage, a bomb will be dropped. Disarm the bombs by correctly guessing the passwords. The bombs will be disarmed if you guess all the letters before time runs out. You are only allowed ten incorrect guesses.

Letter Zaps - For every three words you type correctly, you will earn a letter zap. The letter zap can be used to fill in a missing letter by pressing spacebar while typing a word. Letter zaps can also be similarly used to help with guessing bomb passwords.

Lifebar - Your lifebar will get diminished each time paratroopers and bombs reach the ground. The game ends when your lifebar is gone.

Options - You may choose from the just typing, easy, normal and hard options. There will be longer words with more missing letters on the more difficult options.

Scoring - You will earn points for shooting down paratroopers and disarming bombs. You will also get bonus points for unused letter zaps and the number of stages completed. To maximize your score, type the words without making any typing errors. If you continue to correctly guess the missing letters without making typos, your score per word will increase by a multiplier and the words will fall faster. The words will fall slower and the score multiplier will decrease when you incorrectly guess missing letters and make typos.

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