Alphabet Shoot

Simply press a home row key, aim and fire to move obstacles and shoot letters. Instructions >>>

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Gameplay - The objective of the game is to pass as many levels as you can (there are thirty levels in all). You must destroy each letter on a level to pass. You will aim and fire with your home row keys by moving your mouse and pressing a letter. The speed of your shot will depend on how long you hold down the letter before releasing. A letter can only be destroyed by a matching letter (an S must be destroyed by an S). Each letter has a limited amount of shots it can fire, which will be shown right above the letter. You will usually need to use some of these extra shots to move obstacles out of the way. Press the hint button for some strategy advice when you begin each level.

Levels - If you run out of shots, you can click reset level to try again. You do not need to go through the levels in order. However, at first, only the easy levels will be available. You can unlock the medium and then hard levels after passing a certain amount.

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