Top your high score as you reach more levels in this shooting and typing game. Instructions >>>
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Gameplay - The objective of the game is to accumulate as many points as possible while progressing to higher levels. Fire at the falling letters (the bloops) with your cannon by moving back and forth and pressing letters to shoot bubbles. The bloops will fall more quickly as you reach more challenging levels. Be sure to select options and choose keys if you would like to use the left and right arrow keys. Otherwise, you will move back and forth with your cannon by using the mouse.

Scoring - Each bloop that you hit is worth five points, but it is worth ten points if you hit a bloop with the matching letter.

Lives - You will lose a life each time a bloop falls to the bottom of the screen or hits your cannon. The game ends when you have no lives remaining.

Powerups - You can also catch or fire at powerups that fall, which include rapid fires, bigs, bombs and 1ups. A 1up is an extra life. A bomb lets you destroy everything on the screen at once by pressing the space bar. Rapid fires allow you to temporarily shoot bubbles more rapidly and bigs allow you to temporarily shoot big bubbles.

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