Type 'em up

Use your ship's typing-based weapon system to protect your home planet. Instructions >>>

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Gameplay - Destroy and dodge from the enemies as they appear from the right. Type the letters or numbers they display to destroy them and the space bar or enter key to quickly move your ship out of harm's way. You can choose from three different gameplay options including practice mode, story mode and high score mode (see below).

Scoring - The faster you destroy an enemy, and the higher your current chain, the more points you get. Your chain equals the number of enemies you've destroyed without letting any get away or getting hit by enemy fire.

Energy - You will lose 10 energy points each time you collide with an enemy and 20 energy points each time you get hit by enemy fire. The game ends when your energy reaches zero.

Story Mode - In story mode, you will attempt to pass all five stages of various challenges such as home row keys, numbers, letters and everything combined. You can choose from three different levels of difficulty in this mode as well.

Practice Mode - In practice mode, you can set various options to your own preference. These options include speed (how fast the enemies move), acceleration (whether or not the enemy speed gradually increases over time), enemies (what you will need to type to destroy enemies), enemy mode (whether enemies appear randomly or at a constant rate), enemy attack rate (how often enemies shoot at you) and accuracy penalty (whether or not you lose energy for incorrectly typed letters).

High Score Mode - Finally, in high score mode, you will attempt to score as many points as possible under difficult predetermined settings.

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