Word Hunt

Locate all of the categories of words as you progress to increasingly difficult levels. Instructions >>>

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Gameplay - The objective of the game is to accumulate as many points as possible as you pass levels by locating words. Search for each listed word in the grid. Once located, mark the word by holding the mouse down on the first or last letter and dragging over the word. Click the hint button to be shown the first letter of a word. You will have three hints for the entire game. You need to find all the words in the list. The game ends if time runs out on any level.

Levels - The words on each level belong to a word category, which is shown above the list. Each level will have one more word and twenty seconds less time than the previous level. The more time you have left at the end of the level, the more bonus points you receive. The sixth level is a bonus level in which you will not be provided with a list of words and must search for words based only on a word category.

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