Blocks With Letters On

Move the letter blocks in the correct order to solve the anagram puzzles. Instructions >>>

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Gameplay - The objective of the game is to pass as many levels as you can by moving the letter blocks into the yellow areas to form words. Use the space bar or click on the blocks to select them and use the arrow keys to move them. Each level has only one possible answer. When you get stuck and are unable to move the blocks into the correct position, click reset level to start over.

Blocks & Obstacles - For normal blocks, you can use only the left and right arrow keys. On later levels, there will be white blocks that can be moved up and down to float them through the air. There will also be impediments on later levels such as blocks that are sideways or upside down and will need to be rotated, blue glue that will cause the blocks to become permanently stuck, and number blocks that can’t be moved and will need to be switched on and off.

Clues & Hints - Click on the clue flap to reveal the first letter. Click on the hint button to receive a hint about what steps you need to take. A hint disc will roll out, which you can click to view your hint at any point. You will get ten clues and ten hints for the entire game.

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