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Solve mystery words as fast as you can in this variant of the game Wordspector. Instructions >>>

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Gameplay - The objective of the game is to uncover the five letter word that has been hidden behind the question marks at the top of the screen in as little time as possible. You will figure out the word by guessing combinations of five letters. The game will end if you do not solve the word in ten guesses. To enter letters, click on a square and then click on a letter either from the left panel or above from your previous guesses. You can change letters before you submit your word.

Results - When you have entered five letters, click the submit button to see your results, which will be conveyed according to the light and dark green circles. A light green circle indicates a correct letter in the wrong position in the word. A dark green circle indicates a correct letter in the right position in the word. However, these circles will not reveal which letters are correct.

Time - When you have finished solving the word, you will see your time. Continue to the menu to play again and try to beat your best time.

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