Rely on your spelling skills to complete crossword puzzles without any clues. Instructions >>>

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Gameplay - Complete the crossword puzzle by guessing letters to make the words. There are no clues. When you click on an empty space, all the spaces that have the same letter will be highlighted. Select a letter from the right side of the screen in order to fill in all of the highlighted spaces. Some of the given letters that you may choose from will not be used in the puzzle. The letter you choose will appear in the spaces whether it is correct or incorrect. You can change your guess at any time by clicking one of the letters to highlight them and selecting a different letter from the right side. Some letters on the puzzle will be provided to you at the beginning of the round. These letters will remain black. The letters you guess will be gray.

Levels - As you pass from level to level, you will get fewer provided letters. There are five levels: beginner, easy, normal, hard and expert. Finish them all to beat the game.

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