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iBoy iBoy Genre: Science Fiction
Lexile: 850 (5th-8th grade approximate reading level)
Shiver Shiver Genre: Suspense
Lexile: 740 (4th-7th grade approximate reading level)
Incantation Incantation Genre: Historical Fiction
Lexile: 730 (4th-6th grade approximate reading level)
Hero Type Hero Type Genre: Realistic Fiction
Lexile: 670 (3rd-6th grade approximate reading level)

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School Games Featured Games
Letter Weave Letter Weave Connect the letters of all the hidden words by clicking and dragging over them quickly Grammar Bee Grammar Bee Help the bee capture words quickly with your knowledge of parts of speech Word Shooter Word Shooter Put your alphabetizing skills to the test by arranging sets of words in the correct order Root Collector Root Collector Collect letters in the correct order to spell the root words without going off the edge

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Quintura Kids Quintura Kids Visualize as you refine your search and modify it with the use of a keyword cloud Jerry Spinelli Jerry Spinelli Jerri's works include Maniac Magee, Wringer, Milkweed, Loser, Crash & Stargirl Reader Views Kids Reader Views Kids Search by title, author or age group for book reviews written by children & teens Word Central Word Central Type a selection to receive results that may include a choice of interpretations
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