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KidsClick KidsClick Search with keywords, by categories, alphabetically or by Dewey Decimal numbers Quintura Kids Quintura Kids Visualize as you refine your search and modify it with the use of a keyword cloud Awesome Library Awesome Library Select topics and subtopics or enter search terms to get listings of online resources Dewey Browse Dewey Browse Browse websites organized by the Dewey Decimal Classification System
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Boolify Boolify Search with puzzle pieces that help you visualize and learn the logic of searching GoGooligans GoGooligans Hit GoGooligans after typing in the search box and then narrow with refinement area Dib Dab Doo Dib Dab Doo Enter search terms or select a category to receive listings of pertinent results Sweet Search Sweet Search Type a topic to find online resources from a high-quality database of websites
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