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Word Central Word Central Type a selection and click on an entry when there is more than one usage available Your Dictionary Your Dictionary Enter a search term to see example use cases and straightforward definitions Rhyme Zone Rhyme Zone Search words for definitions or choose another category to search such as rhymes Learner's Dictionary Learner's Dictionary Type a word to see simple definitions and examples of the word used in context
Visual Dictionary Visual Dictionary Navigate through themes or use the search box to locate words organized by subject Photographic Dictionary Photographic Dictionary Use the search box or click on the letters, pictures or subject links to find words Wordsmyth Wordsmyth Choose children's dictionary or beginner's dictionary and enter search terms Fact Monster Fact Monster Dictionary Enter search terms of your choice to get results for a given word or phrase
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The Rudiments of Wisdom The Rudiments of Wisdom Click on a picture or type in words to search this one-of-a-kind cartoon encyclopedia Glossopedia Glossopedia Explore different subjects by clicking on various categories and subcategories Academic Kids Academic Kids Begin by selecting a topic or by using the academic kids menu on the left side Fact Monster Fact Monster Encyclopedia Browse subjects by clicking on topics and subtopics or enter search terms
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Grolier Online Grolier Online Click on geopolitical maps or choose from exploration, historical or thematic maps Owl & Mouse Owl & Mouse Select a continent, region or country to view maps of different parts of the world Atlapedia Online Atlapedia Online Choose from political or physical maps and select from a listing of countries Fact Monster Fact Monster Atlas Begin by clicking a region and narrowing to a specific area or go to the map index
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