Book Description
As the sun sets on the time of the dinosaurs, a new world is left in its wake... Dusk is a flyer in a colony of gliders. He alone can fly and see in the dark, in a colony where being different means being shunned — or worse. As the leader's son, he is protected, but does his future lie among his kin? He must hide his tendency to fly from the others or risk being exiled. But when carnivores threaten the colony, Dusk must fly to find everyone a new home. Carnassial has the true instincts of a predator, and he is determined that his kind will not only survive but will dominate the world of beasts.

About the Author
Kenneth Oppel wrote his first novel at the age of 15, and enterprisingly sent it to his favourite writer, Roald Dahl. Publication soon followed, and since then he has written more than a dozen books, including an adult novel, The Devil's Cure, and the bestselling Silverwing saga, for which he has won many prizes in his native Canada. He now lives and works in Toronto with his wife and two children.

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