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I,Q I,Q: Independence Hall Genre: Adventure
Lexile: 660 (high-low book--3rd-5th grade reading level)
iBoy iBoy Genre: Science Fiction
Lexile: 850 (5th-8th grade approximate reading level)
Imitate the Tiger Imitate the Tiger Genre: Realistic Fiction
Lexile: 670 (high-low book--3rd-6th grade reading level)
Incantation Incantation Genre: Historical Fiction
Lexile: 730 (4th-6th grade approximate reading level)
Incarceron Incarceron Genre: Science Fiction
Lexile: 600 (high-low book--3rd-5th grade reading level)
The Incorrigible.... The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place: The Mysterious Howling Genre: Historical Fiction
Lexile: 1000 (6th gr. and up approximate reading level)
Into the Trap Into the Trap Genre: Adventure
Lexile: 600 (3rd-5th grade approximate reading level)
It's Raining Cupcakes It's Raining Cupcakes Genre: Realistic Fiction
Lexile: 640 (3rd-5th grade approximate reading level)
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